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International Building Materiasls Exhibition,New Delhi,India
Date: 2015.12
Venue: New Delhi India

American International Exhibition of Metal Processing, Pipe Material and Welding
Date: 2015.11.11-11.13
Venue: Atlanta George Convention And Exhibition Center

Building Materials Exhibits Brazil
Date: 2015.10.20-10.23
Venue: Sao Paulo

Autumn Canton Fair
Date: 2015.10.15-10.19
Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center

Kazakhstan Building Materials Exhibition
Date: 2015.09.02-09.05
Venue: Almaty,Atakent Atta Kent Exhibition Center

Building Materials Exhibition in Vietnam
Date: 2015.09.01-09.05

Poland building materials exhibition
Date: 06.13-06.15.2015
Venue: Warsaw Centre EXPO XXI

Algeria building materials exhibition
Date: 05.03-05.07.2015
Venue: Algiers international convention center

Turkey building materials exhibition
Date: 04.21-04.25.2015
Venue: Istanbul international convention center
Booth No.: K11A-2

Spring Canton Fair
Date: 04.15-04.19.2015
Venue: Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition

MOSBUILD Russian international building materials exhibition
Date: 04.14-04.17.2015
Venue: Russian Moscow
Booth No.: KF-14

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