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Steel Structure Machinery Manufacturer

If you are in the market for a roll forming machine or a steel-structure machine, we at Jinggong Science & Technology can accommodate you quickly. Zhejiang Jinggong Science & Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1968, is a manufacturer of construction materials machinery and steel structure machines, located in China. We are a publicly traded company on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with a stock code of 002006 and stock name of Jinggong Science & Technology.

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    1. PU Sandwich Panel Machine
    2. PU Sandwich Panel Machine
    3. Our PU sandwich panel machine is the forming equipment that integrates advanced mechanical, chemical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic technologies.
    1. Steel Deck Forming Machine
    2. Steel Deck Forming Machine
    3. Our steel deck forming machine combines mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment into an organic whole.
    1. High Speed Steel Tile Forming Machine
    2. High Speed Steel Tile Forming Machine
    3. Our HLM series high speed steel tile forming machine is designed based on the HL series forming machine. This forming equipment integrates mechanical...
    1. Auto Change Purline Machine
    2. Auto Change Purline Machine
    3. Our C Z purline machine has many automatic functions, such as auto purline change, specification adjustment, cutting to length, punching, cutting etc.

    1. H Beam Welding Machine
    2. H Beam Welding Machine
    3. After fixing the position for the web and two wings of the H-profile steel, our H beam welding machine can automatically clamp, adjust, weld and transport the finished products.
    1. Self Supporting Girder Steel Decking Machine
    2. Self Supporting Girder Steel Decking Machine
    3. Self supporting steel deck is a new-type building material. Due to its light structure and high strength, steel deck is increasingly used in steel structure buildings, bridges...
    1. Slitting Machine
    2. Slitting Machine
    3. Our slitting machine is the slitting equipment designed for plate uncoiling, leveling, slitting and rewinding. Except manual punching, all other processes of the production line are under...
    1. Cut to Length Machine
    2. Cut to Length Machine
    3. Our cut to length machine is the equipment mainly used for plate uncoiling, leveling, cutting, and stacking. Except manual punching, all other processes of the production...