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CNC Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Flame Cutting Machine
Besides the trip cutting function, our CNC flame cutting machine add the economical and practical CNC functions, which not only can do strip cutting in batch, but also can cut different shapes. Main beam is whole press brake, welded and stress-relieved, with stable structure and good rigidity, and no deformation after long time using. Servo motor, reducer decompression valve, gas pipe and solenoid valve, cutting torches are all international famous brand, ensuring the quality stable and reliable. As a professional CNC flame cutting machine manufacturer in China, we can design and manufacture different specification according to different requirement of the client.

Technical Specifications for CNC Flame Cutting Machine
Item Parameter
Rail span 4000-10000 mm
Rail length 15000mm
Effective route 12500 mm
Cutting width 80-3200 mm
Cutting velocity 20-6000 mm/min(stepless speed variation)
Longitudinal strip cutting torch 9 groups
CNC cutting torch 2 groups
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