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H Beam Flange Straightening Machine

H-beam Flange Straightening Machine JJZ
Our H-beam flange straightening machine is mainly used for the angle distortion straightening of heavy H-beam. Adopting hydraulic straightening method, this machine has the features of strong straightening force, large straightening range, high working efficiency and good product quality. As a renowned manufacturer of H-beam flange straightening machine, we can design and manufacture different specification according to different requirement of the client.

Technical Specifications of H-beam Flange Straightening Machine
Item Parameter
Model JJZ60B JJZ80B
Flange width 200-800 mm 200-1000 mm
Web height ≥350 mm ≥450 mm
High pressure straightening force 1500kn 2800kn
Straightening material thickness Q235≤80 mm Q345≤60 mm Q234≤1000 mm Q345≤80 mm
Max. straightening speed 5.5 m/min 6.5 m/min
Total power 26 KW 27 KW
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