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Shot Blasting Machine

Shot Blasting Machine HP
Our shot blasting machine is the pretreatment equipment for cleaning welded structures, H steel and shaped steel. It is mainly used to perform the function of shot blasting towards the surface of raw steel material, which can remove rusty scale, welding slag and roll scale on the surface, thus obtaining uniform metal luster. The shot blasting machine can not only improve the finishing quality and corrosion resistance of the steel plate, but also reduce labor intensity and environment pollution.

Technical Specifications for Shot Blasting Machine
Item Parameter
Suitable material Applicable material Steel structural parts, profiled bar
Material size (LXWXH) 15000*1000*1600 mm
8 HPT300 impeller heads Power 18.5 *8 kw
Shotblasting capacity 220 kg/ min
Workpiece delivery Working speed 0.8-4 m /min
Power 4*2(kw
Conveying capacity of shot circulatory system 100 t/h
Dedusting system Filtering area 250 m2
Dedusting air flow 20000 m3/h
Shot material Cast steel shot φ1.6-φ2 mm
Steel wire head φ1.2-φ1.5 mm

Founded in 1968, Jinggong Science & Technology is an experienced shot blasting machine manufacturer and supplier in China. In addition to shot blasting machine, we also offer other steel structure machines, like box column welding machine, digital folder, slitting machine, and cut to length machine etc. Our products have received the ISO9000 and CE certificates, and are exported to over 60 countries, such as the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, and more. If you have any queries, please contact us.

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