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Box Column Welding Machine

Box Column Welding Machine JZ150
Our box column welding machine adopts American Lincon welding power for superior reliability. It realizes automatic welding, mechanized assembling, dislocation and conveying, resulting in increased production efficiency and reduced labor intensity. Box column welded on this production line is extensively used in large bridges and high steel structure buildings. Our box column welding machine has earned 2 patents of utility model, and we can design it according to customers' specific requirements.

Main Components
Jinggong box column welding machine is mainly made up of an assembling machine, gas shielded welding machine (double-arc, double-wire), submerged arc welding machine (double-arc, double-wire), fuse type electroslag welder, face miller, portable drill, as well as other auxiliary equipment such as turning machine (chain type), and conveyor.

Technical Specification for Box Column Welding Machine
Item Parameter Remark
Suitable steel thickness 16-80 mm
Suitable workpiece length 4000-15000 mm
Section size of workpiece (400-1500)X(400-1500) (mm)
Max. weight of workpiece 25 T
Annual output per class 8,000-15, 000 T Depending on different techniques and configurations
Outline dimensions (LXWXH) (80-190)×(8-11.5)×5 (m)
Total power 800-1800 KW

As a box column welding machine manufacturer and supplier with over 50 years of experience, we at Jinggong Science & Technology provide a wide variety of quality steel structure machines, such as shot blasting machine, bending machine, digital folder, and cut to length machine etc. Our products have earned the ISO9000 and CE certificates, and are well received in America, Australia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Egypt, India, and more. Contact us today for more information!

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