Curving Punching Forming Machine

Curving Punching Forming Machine HVW
Our curving punching forming machine is a kind of auxiliary equipment designed for material curving and punching. It is made up of the main forming machine, conveyor, material supporter, electric control system and hydraulic system. The equipment has a small bending radius and simple operation, making it increasingly used by our worldwide customers.

Founded in 1968, Jinggong Science & Technology is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of curving punching forming machines in China. Our products have received the ISO9000 and CE certification, and are exported to over 60 countries, such as the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, and more. In addition to providing curving punching forming equipment, we also offer other auxiliary equipment for forming machine, like slitter, uncoiler, stacker, and seamer etc. If you have any queries, please contact us. Thanks!

Technical Specifications for Curving Punching Forming Machine
No. Item Unit Parameter Remark
1 Suitable material Type Color plate, aluminum plate , galvanized plate According to customers' requirement
Thickness mm ≤0.8
Yield strength Mpa ≤500 Depending on customers' material characteristic
Width mm ≤1200 According to different profile shape
Curving punching radius mm 500 (min.)
2 Roller material Hard chromium plated 45 steel
3 Driving mode Chain drive
4 Console mode Touch screen+ button
5 Total power Kw About 7
6 Electric control system Industrial computer PLC frequency control
7 Outline dimensions (LXWXH) m 5X2X1.7
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