Stacker HMD
Our stacker is the auxiliary equipment for the steel deck forming machine, glazed tile forming machine, and steel tile forming machine. It has a reasonable structure and easy operation for the reduction of labor intensity.

As a professional stacker manufacturer and supplier since 1968, we provide a wide range of construction materials machinery, such as sandwich panel machine, steel tile forming machine, and downspout forming machine etc. Due to their high quality and reliability, our roll forming machines have ISO9000 and CE certification. They are exported to the USA, Germany, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Australia, among others. For more product information, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Specifications for Stacker
No. Item Unit Parameter Remark
1 Suitable material Type All kinds of profiled steel sheet
Weight Kg/sheet ≤200
Length Mm ≤12000
Width mm 1200(max.)
2 Stacking height mm ≤200
3 Driving mode Motor or cylinder
4 Total power Kw About 1.5
5 Outline dimensions (LXWXH) mm 5800X2000X1700 or 11800X2000X1700
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